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Saving Your Home From Foreclosure

 LGC Blog Issue No. 1

April 14, 2020


What can be a greater heartache than seeing a Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale posted on your front door? Perhaps followed by receiving the same notice in the mail? A few days later you start receiving letters in the mail from real estate agents offering to sell the home that you desperately want to keep.

Often times, mortgage companies do not understand that bad things happen to good people. Possibly you were out of work for a period of time? Maybe you fell behind with your mortgage payments due to other demanding creditors? Unexpected medical bills can frequently interfere with your ability to pay monthly living expenses.

In certain situations, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help save your home and allow you to handle your other existing creditors. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to craft a plan to catch up with your missed mortgage payments and resolve issues with your other existing creditors. 

While for many a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may not be the desired first choice, it may be the best choice. The attorneys at Lieberman, Gies & Cohen, PLLC can help guide you toward the most beneficial option(s) for your situation.



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